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BI encompasses technologies and software capable of creating unified environment to support informed decision making. BI systems can provide online, up to date information in required format and easily perceptible manner allowing managers to use all available resources to analyze company’s business activities.
BI aims to improve overall business quality, efficiency and competitive ability. By using BI technologies organizations can transform data into business information and subsequently information – into business management knowledge.
User friendly and intelligible data access interface
Ability to provide consolidated reporting based on information from company’s different accounting systems and databases
Unique flexibility of reporting – analyst can see the data from any angle, apply various filtering and grouping, drill down to primary data, change existing report structure and create new reports without IT specialist involvement
Ability to ensure clarity and accuracy of provided information
Scorecards & Dashboards
Enterprise Reporting
OLAP Analysis
Advanced & Predictive Analysis
Alerts & Proactive Notification
Main purpose of BI systems is the analysis of large amounts of information to fulfill real world business tasks. This requires specific system architecture specially adjusted to effective acquisition, processing and presentation of data to the end users. High level architecture of typical BI system is depicted below:
Delta Systems is the pioneer in providing BI solutions to Georgian customers. Delta Systems employs professionals with knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully deploy and manage BI systems.
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